Robert "Bob" Robb

August 13, 1922 - March 25, 2013

Bob was a complex person. Born August 13th 1922, died on March 25,2013 at Hallowell House Nursing Home. He led a fruitful, happy life. Like everyone life had its frustrations for him but lately he has been saying how lucky he has been, A happy life. When Bob moved to the County with his wife Jean in 1970 he got into things right away. He set up East Lake Marine in Cherry Valley. He was legally blind but became a marine mechanic people looked up to. Over the years he was asked by Manpower to train people with different disabilities. He trained many and those people were able to get jobs. Aside from being clever Bob was also wise. He stuck up for what he believed and fought for the 'little guy'. While Bob had a hard outer shell he was quite compassionate. He was determined to not let his blindness deter him from doing things. Bob belonged to many committees and clubs. He was an honorary member of Cherry Valley Lions. He started the blind bowlers club in Picton and a social group for blind people. Bob was responsible for the Job Fair which was held in Armoury mall. It exposed people to the many services that are available in the community. Bob was a very good swimmer and had a lot of respect for the YMCA. He was a good dancer and enjoyed the music of the big band era. Bob enjoyed pets and they in turn enjoyed him. The last few years of his busy life were spent at Hallowell House. Bob was a good friend.