Pre-arranged Funerals

Arrangement It is an opportunity to plan for yourself or someone you care about as well as an opportunity to consider the many options available in a less emotional setting. It also provides a method to control the costs involved and will therefore eliminate your family from a most difficult task. For some people, there may not be an appropriate or responsible person to carry out this task on their behalf so indeed it is important for that person to feel confident that the arrangements have been made. Perhaps the greatest advantage is the peace of mind that this important task is taken care of ahead of time.

You may choose to simply have all the details recorded and a record of your personal wishes placed on file and have the costs assumed from your estate. This process is known as pre-planning.

For others, pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral is a wise option. If you choose to pre-pay your funeral costs, they become guaranteed at present day costs for as long as you or your loved one lives. How this works is the money is invested in your name and those funds begin to collect interest, generally interest rates are greater than the cost of living or inflation.

That is how we can make this guarantee to you.

The provincial government states that if there are excess funds at the time of death they must be returned to your estate. If there are insufficient funds at the time of need, that becomes our concern. You, your family or estate will not be obligated to pay the shortfall. Once again this is the law of Ontario. There is a small tax break in pre-paying your funeral costs as well as the interest gained does not have to be reported on your income tax return. There are other options such as pre-paying a portion of your funeral expenses, insurance funded pre-paid funerals or by manageable monthly installments.

Rear Hall Prearranged Funerals