Our Community Services

Continuing Care Service

Continuing Care is a program designed to assist families in identifying, organizing and completing the many details that normally must be done once the funeral is over. In other words, it simply provides help to those who need help in knowing what must be done and how to get it done. Some examples may be Canada Pension Plan, cancellation of credit cards, insurance matters and other important areas of concern.

Our staff is available on request to assist you with these matters. A simple call to our office and you can set up a mutually convenient time to meet with us. This service is free of charge. If we can help, please feel free to call. Contact Us.

Memorial Walkway

Memorial WalkwayIn the spring of 1989 a unique partnership was developed between the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority (PERCA) and the Whattam Funeral Home through the creation of Whattam's Memorial Walkway using the slogan "A tree grows - a memory lives on". The concept was to utilize approximately five acres of unused property at the Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area (Picton) and upon it, establish a series of gravel pathways to be lined with trees, each one planted and plaqued to honour a life that had been lived. This not-for-profit venture would establish many ideas. The first thought was to enhance an already beautiful natural area with the presence of a well planned and maintained "memorial forest", that would become a park-like setting for the enjoyment of all. The trees themselves would be given as a gift to the families that the Whattam Funeral Home had proudly served. The walkway would also link, for the first time, Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area to the Macaulay Heritage Park and Museum. The official opening, September 1990, brought over 100 people, dignitaries, officials, families and friends to gather and walk the first pathway which contained 60 ash trees.

The popularity of this project was quick to develop and it became apparent that there was a need to further expand the walkway as hundreds of requests were handled over the following year from families who wanted to have loved ones remembered in this long lasting and permanent way. Currently there are six different varieties of trees along the walkway including ash, mountain ash, three different species of maple as well as some oak. Today, the walkway consists of several tree-lined arteries and is now divided into four sections, separated by Macaulay Creek which meanders through the conservation area.

Currently, the Quinte Conservation Authority is not allowing any more new seedlings or trees to be planted in this area as it will become over crowded. We now have a Memorial Wall where plaques are placed and five seedling trees are planted on Conservation property somewhere in the county where they are needed the most.

Wedding Garden

Wedding Garden In 1992 we re-landscaped our outdoor gardens and one of the changes we implemented was the addition of a wedding garden. We did this in response to many requests to use our property as a backdrop for wedding photos. This beautiful setting, complete with thousands of annual flowers during the summer, the beautiful waterfall, trees and gardens is available without cost to any wedding party by booking ahead. We have also had anniversary, prom and family photos done in this area as well. We encourage anyone to walk through our gardens anytime.

Donation Placement

As a service to our community, we will place an "In Memoriam" donation card at any Funeral Home in Canada at no charge. The information we require would be the name of the deceased, the name of the funeral home handling the arrangements and which charitable organization you wish to donate to.

Regent Free Family Movie Day

On the last Sunday of each month at 2pm, we are pleased to provide a free family movie at the beautiful Regent Theatre in downtown Picton. The movie is offered on a first come, first seated basis. Make plans to bring the family and enjoy a newly released family movie on us.

Whattam's Community Calendar

As a public service to all not for profit groups, associations, agencies, clubs and support groups operating within Prince Edward County, we offer free advertising space for your special events, fundraisers etc. in Whattam's Community Calendar. This is published in the Picton Gazette Regional as well as the County Weekly News in the weekend papers. You may mail, fax, e-mail, drop off or use our after hours mail box located by the office door (east side of building.) All notices must be in by Monday at 5pm for the next edition. Our goal is to provide two notices prior to your event, but because of the high volume of notices received, this is not always possible. Your notice should be kept as brief as possible. We are proud to assist our community in this manner, please feel free to utilize this service anytime.

Annual Service of Remembrance

The Christmas season is a very hard time for many of the families we have served over the year ; it brings back many memories of good times that are forever changed. You cannot avoid Christmas unless you go to a place where there are no stores, radio, TV and people. It is for this reason we created the Service of Remembrance in 1987 to help the families we serve come to terms with the holiday season. One of the hardest feelings you might experience is that of being alone and feeling that people will quickly forget your loved one. We take a minute and remember that person who was so loved and hopefully give families the peace, faith and strength to meet the challenges that lie ahead. The clergy of our community are an integral part of this inter-denominational service and we are fortunate to have their support and input. In 1992, we encouraged the other local funeral home to join with us. Annually, we invite two clergy to take an active role in the leadership of the service and invite all other clergy to assist by reading and remembering those people for who they had conducted a funeral service during the past year. This well attended service is always followed by a time of refreshment and fellowship in the church hall that has hosted the service. The service rotates to a different church facility each year, and is usually held the second Sunday in December.

Food Bank Drop Off

The Picton Food Bank operates from the Picton United Church each Friday morning and many times appeals to the public for assistance with food donations or perhaps the need for bags, plastic containers or monetary donations. You may drop any of these items off at the funeral home during the day and we will be pleased to deliver them to the food bank on Fridays.

Santa Suit

The funeral home owns a Santa Claus suit that we offer to non-profit groups and organizations for parties, get togethers, etc. during the holiday season. The suit is offered free of charge and is available by booking ahead of time, on a first come, first served basis.

Picton Santa Claus Parade

The Whattam Funeral Home continues to play a vital role in the organization of the Picton Santa Claus Parade, with the assistance of the Picton BIA and the County of Prince Edward. The parade has been changed to the 3rd Saturday in November and will have a new venue as a night parade, which will leave the fairgrounds at 5pm. The public is encouraged to participate in many ways from entering floats or other entries or by offering suggestions or perhaps by making a small monetary donation which may be left at the funeral home anytime. Your input is valuable to us and we welcome it.

Loyalist Humane Society

The Loyalist Humane Society collects Canadian Tire Money to purchase food and necessities for animals. You may drop Canadian Tire Money off at the Funeral Home during the day and we will be pleased to deliver it to the humane society.

Eyeglass Donation

We collect eyeglasses of any kind - reading or prescription. We look after donating them to be re-used in a third-world country. You may drop them to the Funeral Home during regular business hours.

Tours and Talks

Our staff is available to any group to provide information on death and funeral service by either coming to your location or by offering a tour of our facilities. These tours must be scheduled with us ahead of time and we are pleased to provide this service at no charge.